My Life at McFatter

I have a lot to say about this project. So to start off, the photos. Oh my god, the photos. I had such a hard time getting an o.k. shot. I think it’s partly because I kept telling myself that they weren’t good (which they still might not be but at least they came out decent). But I really did have a hard time getting a right aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. It was so disappointing to see an out of focus or underexposed photo. I realized that each setting affected the other and effected how the photos came out in the end. I did enjoy messing with the f stop and focusing on different subjects once I got the hang of changing the camera settings. After a frustrating and emotional week of gathering photos, I finally created my power point. The layout/theme of my presentation took so long to come up with, despite it looking really simple. I spent hours looking at different power point presentation ideas and deciding which font to use. I now however, have a better understanding of how to use Google Slides and how to use the different features it has. Choosing which photo to place in my power point resulted in more prolonged hours of agony due to my indecisiveness. This project gave me a hard time, as with anything I do, but it was really rewarding to see the outcome, to have more knowledge on photography, and to have implemented things like the Rule of Thirds or the Joshua Tree Principle.