InDesign is an adobe software that can be used to create posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, books and anything you want to print! It’s very useful because it creates a visual layout of your work. Rather than Illustrator or Photoshop or any other adobe software, InDesign focuses more on the skeleton of your work not so much the art stuff.

A year ago when I was still a junior in high school, I had this project were I had to recreate a magazine using InDesign. There I discovered the importance of typography. Kerning, tracking, leading anything that works with fonts can be used through here to adjust it to your liking.

Pre-flighting is the industry standard term for when you receive a warning of potential problems that prevents a document or a poster from printing as desired. It could be that a file is missing or a font, or maybe the resolution of your image is low. It could be a number of things

EPUBS or an EPUB document allows the epub reader to better the content depending on the display of your device. Using the EPUB formatĀ  allows you to plush eBooks since it’s considered the standard format. It can be read on a variety of mobile devices. What’s so great about InDesign is that it allows you to directly the ebook as an EPUB. This process may be a little tricky though.