Good Practices when Making Infographics

An infographic is always a great way to find out information about a certain topic. It could be about food, sports, current events, anything really! It’s quick and to the point and they are just pretty darn helpful.

When your creating an infographic, be sure to have a clear audience in mind. You want this work to reach a certain audience not just anyone.

An infographic is also all about visual representation! Show with charts or illustrations instead of just plain old text. Don’t get me wrong a little text is ok but for the most part, visuals are what captures your audience. I know I just bashed text but don’t ge tthat confused with typography. Typography is KEY. It’s very important. You want your infographic to be clear and easy to read. You shouldn’t use any harsh fonts like decorative ones. Give your audiences’ eyes a pleasurable experience.

Although there is no certain template/ layout of an infogaphic, you always want to go with it’s “flow.” In other words don’t just scatter a bunch of visuals and info on a page. Make sure it looks cohesive and clean. Use your designer’s eye!

All of this is what makes a good infographic!

A bad one however, would be one were your data is wrong! Make sure it is correct! For example, if your making a pie chart, making sure the percentages add up to 100%. If it surpasses that or is below, that just wouldn’t add up and your project would be deemed unreliable! Bad! Make sure to always check the accuracy of your information!

Also make sure when your comparing things, it makes sense. You don’t want to be confusing your audience!


Asset 1

This is my very first infographic where made sure it looked as clean as possible. I kept in mind that the color scheme had to be consistent throughout, I was informed on the information I was covering, and made sure there were no errors in my project over all.

Hopefully this blog taught you something new about infographics! They are quite relaxing to make and there is no limit to them whats so ever!