Comparing My Portfolio With Prossional Portfolios

Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

So based on the state of my portfolio, it’s probably best to start looking into other ones. Lets just say my portfolio is not… at its best state. It has a basic layout so that it’s easy to navigate. A better way of saying this is that my portfolio right now is more practical (in terms of navigating) rather than looking design portfolio worthy. What I’m basically saying is that it’s trash. But that’s only for right now. I haven’t even planned what I want my portfolio to look like so looking at all these great designers is good starter inspiration.

I could really roast myself looking at all the work I put onto my blog. Hell, some of it isn’t even design worthy. Is that too harsh too say? Well you know what they say about being one’s own critic.

I’ve always been interested in a simplistic, neutral, real-cohesive looking design. That can mean a lot of things so here are examples of a few designs I like:

The first designer I’d like to mention would be Kuon Yagi


Kuon Yagi is a Tokyo-based web and UX designer. I was absolutely stunned when I saw this website. I love everything about it, particularly the way he integrated a vibrant color scheme with so many animations. It’s a fully-interactive background with several seamless transition effects. I aspire to have something even close to what this baby looks like.

Another one of my favorite portfolio designers is Ben Mingo

ben mingo

Ben Mingo is a graphic and interactive designer from California. I also aspire to have as beautiful as a website as this one. I’d say the simplicity of Mingo’s website leans more or less to what I like and usually take insperation from. What drew me from the beginning was the interactive mouse approach he took. Instead of using the regular mouse wheel, users have to click and drag with their mouse to explore the website. The transitions to each page were fun to visit and the color palette fits in with the whole design perfectly.

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