Offline and Real Time Video Editing

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

When it comes to video editing, many people don’t realize that there are various types of editing, each specializing in it’s own field. It’s important to know the different ones when going into this industry, but before I go on describing to you the differences between offline and real time video editing, I’ll start off by describing what video editing actually is.

Video editing in general is manipulating and arranging video shots to create your own desired footage. This includes adding/ removing or rearranging sections of video clips, applying enhancements such as color corretions or filters, and creating transitions between each clip (because consistency is key am I right).

Offline Editing

To put it simply, offline editing is where your raw footage is run through a program that transcodes it to a more compressed format that has lower resolution. Your transcoded footage becomes known as “proxy footage,” which is essentially low quality copies of your original footage to make it easier to use when editing your film. If you use your original high resolution files, it can tax your computer system if it isn’t equipped to handle that big of a file size. With every cut or edit you make, your computers CPU has to process them, risking the chance of your system crashing and losing all your footage. So instead of making their lives miserable, video editors use this proxy footage through the rough, fine, and final cut. Once they are actually exporting the film, they will then switch to the high resolution footage.

Real Time Editing

Real time video editing is literally, editing a video in real time. Pretty self explanatory but since the purpose of this blog is to explain and not cut things short, I will go a little more in depth (since I am the best blog writer wordpress has ever seen). A good example of this is watching a live broadcast, like a sports game or music event. If you’ve ever noticed a broadcast switch from one angle to another, that’s real time editing. This type of editing is quite a challenge since you are working with a live event and you need to make sure the footage you have is 100% usable. This is why most real time video editors use multiple cameras. This way, the more angles you have, the more variety of good shots to choose from.


Real Time Video

Offline Editing

Offline vs. Online Editing