Multimedia Production Project Manager vs. Creative Director

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what a production project manager or what a creative director is, you have come to the right blog! I will start this off by defining the two so that you’ll understand what each job consists of and know the difference between the them.

Multimedia Production Project Managers

A multimedia production project manager is someone who works behind the scenes in film, television, or radio. Their job is very demanding as they are in charge of many tasks in order for everything to run smoothly and successfully. They organize schedules, budgets, and people. They’re basically needed in each stage of a production, from initial planning to final budget and production reports. These managers need to have solid experience in all aspects of production such as lighting, filming, recording, and even editing.

In pre-preduction, project managers have to review finished scripts and program ideas, create inital schedules, and estimate the budget. During production, they have to present a complete schedule of what a day of filming and/or recording looks like to the producer and director. They have to make sure that these daily schedules are followed exactly how they’re supposed to and change them if anything unforseen occurs. Aside from scheduling and budgeting, project managers are also involved in administration. They prepare and negotiate contracts with crew members and actors, obtain permission to music or any content subject to copyright laws, and make sure everyone involved in the production follow the health and safety regulations.

Creative Directors

A creative director is responsible for working with designers, artists, sales teams, and marketers to create a vision for products sold. They develop creative guidelines and direct creative work involved with digital, print, or film. Their job is to make the creative vision look and feel cohesive and on point. They also establish budgets, timelines, and client relationships.

A creative director needs to be a great leader and have excellent communication skills to maximize the talents of everyone they’re working with. They need to make sure everyone on their team knows what they need to do to properly execute the creative vision they’re working on and what is expected of them to make it happen. They usually work with graphic and web designers, account and brand managers, and copywriters. Creative directors also need to have a strong understanding of brand development and multichannel marketing concepts.


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