My Best Design

Behold, my best design. Let’s take a minute to appreciate how perfect this is. There are literally no flaws. Nothing. Let it be known I worked hard, long nights to produce these beauties.


Now prepare yourselves for the steps in which I’m about to explain on how I made such works of art.

What any good designer would do before starting a project like this would be to look for inspiration. Since I had to create 16 icons I looked for icon inspiration specifically. I found everything I used on Pinterest. You don’t necessarily have to rely on one source to find all your inspiration but I just happen to have a strong, emotional connection to Pinterest and I’ll trust it with any design project I need to start. But you could also use Google to search images or if you want to be BASIC go on Tumblr or Instagram (because going on Pinterest is not at all basic).

Once I’ve found my inspiration, I selected the color palette that I was going to use. As you can see, I picked neutral colors because I didn’t want to create loud and vibrant ones. I figured that if these icons were to be downloaded on a phone, I’d want to download something that’s soft on the eyes.

Once I’ve gathered all the inspiration I was going to use, I opened up a new file on Illustrator and set the artboard section to 16 and adjusted the width and height. That way I could start off with 16 squares for each icon. I threw my inspo onto the file so I could refer back to it with ease and select the colors I needed.

First I started off with the coffee cup. I used my pen tooled to trace the basic shape of the cup and then created the coffee beans by hand. This was basically how I designed most of my icons, starting off with tracing the basic shape and eventually free-hand the rest. To add depth to my icons I put shadows on each one by lowering the opacity to 50%. The last thing I did was add the colors to the backgrounds from the color palette.

Creating these icons took a while because throught out the whole process I grew attached to each one and I wanted them to look perfect. But overall, this project actually gave me a better understanding on using Illustrator in regards to layers and organizing them, pen tooling and pathfinder.