10 Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Out

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

As a designer, a professional logo is valued to any business. It represents the company and their entire brand identity. If the logo is poorly designed, you won’t have any customers or even jeopardize the entire company. So your responsibility as a designer includes creating the best possible logo design. It’s not as easy as it may seem but no need to fret, I’ll point out what not to do when designing your logo.

  1. Copying and Plagiarizing

First thing to keep in mind is copying and plagiarizing someone else’s logo. Do NOT do that! It’s evil since it’s not even your work and you legally can’t do that. To explain the whole legal thing better, you can’t use someone else’s work without them knowing. If you do, you’ll be involved in infringement business that will take time and money and that’s annoying (but your fault since you stole something in the first place). Make sure, if you are using someone else’s work, you contact them for permission.

2. Vague or Overly-Complex Design

Moving on, another mistake that is common is having a vague or overly-complex design. So either two things can happen when creating a logo. One is that you have so many ideas flowing out of you and you want to use all your strongest logo designs to combine into one. That’s considered BAD. Another is having absolutely no idea what to do for your logo aka having artist block with no creative juices flowing. That’s also BAD. So here you have either a complicated design or one that is lacking and boring. Remember your logo has to be clear and simple. Something that is meaningful to the client as well and actually pertains to the company.

3. Poor Color Choices

Poor color choices is a common mistake among designers. While trying to make the logo stand out, designers can often go too far and use colors that clash with each other. A useful tip when creating a logo is to start off by using black and white. You always add colors if it makes sense for the design. What’s important is for a logo to be timeless and adaptable. Keep that in mind! Another useful tip is to use a color palette and use colors that actually complement each other.

4. Bad Typography

Typography issues is also a mistake. Make sure to use the appropriate fonts not ridiculous ones. Don’t use too many as well. Stick to one or two, three or more may over complicate the design. Also spacing, whether it’s excessive spacing or not enough, can destroy the legibility at both large and small scales.

5. Raster Images

Logo designs either use raster or vector images. A common mistake is using raster images instead of vectors. Here’s why you shouldn’t do that. Vectors scale to any digital or print size without loss of quality. Rastors aren’t that kind! Instead of doing what vectors do, the image becomes blurred or pixelated. This equals blocky and unusable logos. Vectors are your friends! Ingrain that into your memory!

6. Relying On Trends

Ok so trends are temporary not timeless! Please don’t use bevels or glows because it’s for dweebs! You don’t want your logo to be outdated and cliche. You can look to trends for inspiration but make sure to focus on your visiual identity as a business.

7. Stock Art

Using stock art can make your logo look cheap, tacky and unprofessional. Using stock art that isn’t yours can also lead to the whole copyright case I was rambling on about earlier. It’s always better to use original art because that reflects not only better on you as a designer, but most importantly, your client and their brand identity.

8. Designing for Yourself

When designing a logo, designers get off track and base the logo off of what they like or prefer rather than the client. Don’t do this either! It’s always important to stick to what the client prefers or wants. It’s your job as a designer to carry out their vision the way that they want.

9. Overthinking the Design

Do not overthink your design! Choose few fonts and color palettes and all that fun stuff. Too much will overwhelm you and jeapordize the design. You may add something that doesn’t need to be added. Remember that simplicity is good! No need to fill up all the blank spaces. Let your design breathe!

10. Messy Logo Files

Last one folks! Bear with me. Throughout the process of designing the logo, you may have overlapping curves or combined shapes or an overall symmetrical logo. Make sure that they are clean and perfect! You don’t want your client to notice any flaws the logo may have. The file should be as minimal and flawless as possible!


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