The Best Format For Animated Web Banners

Many people in their daily lives scroll through web pages and come across animated web banners. Despite the common misconceptions that ads are not effective, no one reads them and most aren’t trust worthy, this isn’t to do with the advertising industry. It has to do with the designer and how they designed the actual banner. Companies are actually investing more money in making nicer looking banners for audiences. When designing a web banner in general, designers need to consider what people want and that they want to see.

The first thing to consider when designing an animated web banner is to choose the appropriate size (look at my previous blog for that information). Then you need to focus on the format of the actual banner since they are not all alike. Some of the several formats to choose from are animated GIF, flash, and HTML5.

HTML5 is your best bet when it comes to formatting. This is because it is widely supported by all browsers, as well as mobile friendly. They don’t need to install third party apps or plugins in order to view these files. The 5th version is a much more updated version of HTML. It allows you to integrate multimedia elements into your banners and create interactive, animated or video banners with HTML5 code. HTML5 will literally save your life since they look better than GIFs, are safer than flash animations, and are easy to create if you use the proper tools.

GIFs were once “titans of the industry” but there time has come. They are now (tragically) considered outdated and inefficient being that a GIF has support for only 256 colors. Because internet connections were slower, animated GIFs provided great video playback.

Flash technology is another format although it lacks compatibility and pose as serious security threats to both computers and mobile, so it too is outdated. This probably should not be your go to choice.

Animated web banners is bound to be successful for designers as long as everything is taken into consideration during the design process. Hopefully this blog helped you understand a little more and helped you distinguish between your formatting choices. Although I strongly recommend HTML5 since it is the best of the best, ultimately, it is your personal choice to decide how to format your animated web banner.


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