5 Top Performing Web Ad Sizes

Photo by Anthony Tuil on Unsplash

Web ads are the key to promoting your website or company (or whatever you want to promote) and would help you reach users though many different web pages. But these web ads do not magically place themselves within these web pages, no, in order for them to appear there you will need to consider what size images you should be using.

It is a common misconception thinking that all web banners are created equal, when in reality they come in all shapes and sizes! This blog will give you insight on the best performing web ad sizes and why it is important to know what they are.

So here are the facts: Advertising is not as simple as it seems. There are many factors that take part in it, which creates a whole process. As mentioned previously, you can not just design an ad and expect to just drop it in a web page all nice looking for users to click on. Hate to break it to you but it does not work like that. Addressing the size of the image you use prevents you from choosing the wrong size that will limit how much reach your ads have, thus making it ineffective. Also, studies have shown that certain ad sizes get more impressions than others. For example, wider ad sizes are more recognized than taller web ads (due to their reader-friendly format).

So now that you know why size is important and crucial and will determine how many users will be interested in what you are promoting, here are the top performing Google web banner ad sizes:


This medium rectangle size is one of the most widely used banners due to it’s compact shape. It is favored among publishers for not taking up too much space.


This “large rectangle” ad size is a bit bigger than the previous one and is still liked (not as much though) among publishers.


This ad size is called the “leaderboard.” since it is usually displayed at the top of the page it is published on. This one attracts many eyes as it is at the very top of the page.


This ad banner is called the half page size. This one takes up space, which gives you bigger room to get your message across. It stands out prominently and if placed strategically, you might get a lot of clicks. This one is favored because it provides more visual impact.


This ad size is called the “large mobile banner.” These are much smaller than all the other ad sizes which makes it perfect for any mobile device. They are a great mobile ad size in general.


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