How Do UI and UX Work In Web Design?

Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

 If you are going into web design (or if you are actually a UI designer), it is probably a good idea to know what UI and UX are and the difference between the two. No, they are most definitely not the same thing, so don’t even ask that. Actually knowing this would definitely aid you in understanding the skills and services they offer, incorporating them into your website, and therefore making your life much more easier and a super mega cool website. Lucky for you, this blog will explain what you need to know and will prevent any future crisis that you may have potentially had thorough out your web design.

So UI, to begin with, stands for User Experience. This deals with styling the structure and content and what the user sees during the experience. So for UI, it is important to consider your branding, colors, typography, photography, and other visual elements that are part of your web site. This over all focuses on your brand and what your displaying to your audience and the type of look and feel setting up for yourself.

UX, on the other hand, brings less of a design aspect and more of an analysis and logic approach to the design process. This includes designing systems, structure, and flows that a user will take. It caters to the wants and needs to the user and how they’ll navigate to and through your website, all part of the user experience.

A good web design would blend and use UI and UX together and not use one more over the other. They both determine the look and feel of your web design. You want the user to navigate through your website with a nice and clean branding so that the user will be interested in what you are trying to advertise and/or offer. Poor visuals, too many drop down menus, and a messy, cluttered website is unattractive, confusing and BAD so do not do that, do the thing previously mentioned. Trust.

So please, use both UI and UX. One does not work well without the other. Your users will be happy and actually interested while scrolling through your website, which means that it was successful and achieved the overall purpose in even creating one.


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