Design Strategies

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Many people misinterpret what the job of a designer actually consists of and they dismiss the fact that being one does not mean that design is all that you have to work with. There are several skills you must have that come along with being a designer, including having the proper design strategies. Every good designer needs an audience, those are just the facts, and in order to attain an audience you need to publicly spread your work. The key is to think strategically and efficiently to achieve your goal. In this blog, I’ll give you insight on how reach audiences and advice on how to successfully keep them.

The first strategy you should probably consider would be to design an attractive website that you can promote. Make sure to put effort in what you intend to display for everyone to see, being that would be how you’ll attract audiences. You don’t want to display something that is done poorly since that would reflect badly on you. Have your website actually represent its intended function. For example, if you were to create a blog, you would focus more on the readability rather than the style of one. This isn’t to say that the style of your blog shouldn’t look nice and professional, just that wouldn’t be the primary focus. Only implementing the style of a website without thinking about the actual objective behind it would result in not being very effective. So whenever your designing your website, remember, your website goals should always guide your design.

Tying into what I said previously about the look and feel of your website, your audience is the next main target to tackle. Once again, this all determines on how your website is designed. Demographics play a big role in this situation regarding age, gender, profession, and technical competency. For example, if you were to design a computer game website for a professional business pitch in front of an older audience, the look of your website should look proper and well put together.

Spreading a good image is important (obviously) when you design a website, but when doing so, be sure to think about the image that you want to convey. Think about the colors and font you are using, think about your whole aesthetic that you want. While adjusting your website to make sure it will reach the certain audience you want is vital, having a brand is just as important. Audiences will not only seek for whatever you are trying to publicize, but also seek out the personality and character of your brand (which your website should embody).


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