Determining Target Audiences for Web Pages

When designing a website you need to consider what your target audience is going to be. A target audience is the intended group of people you want to attract to your publication. As a designer, your job is to create a website that allows this to happen. In order to do that you must realize what style of web page you want to create that applies to the people you want to advertise to.

It is important to focus on the people you mean design for instead of how the design would look in general. You need to convince your audience to want to buy from you. As a professional designer, when you are working with a client, you need to consider letting the them come up with the actual marketing. They would know the best way to approach their target audiences. Remember that your main focus should be about marketing and sales on the Internet. Also remember to determine the website’s purpose and object what what business goal your web page is supporting or fulfilling.

Keep this in mind, building a website or web page for everyone, results in building a website for no one. This is why you need goals for your web page aligning with your target audience’s needs.

In the end, your company should cater you target audience. It’s an unfortunate fact that many website designers do not consider these issues when building websites, preferring instead to concentrate on the “design” aspects of their work and letting their clients come up with the actual marketing. While design may be the most “fun” aspect of web design for many web designers, the fact is that you’re then relying on clients to know what is the best way to approach their target audiences.

The other fact is that your clients are often relying on your expertise without, perhaps, understanding that marketing is not what you do — and somewhere between the two of you, the actual understanding of and approach to the target audience falls between the cracks. And, sooner or later, the client comes to realize he’s not doing as well as he should, make no mistake: in his or her mind, it will be a reflection on your product as a website designer.


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