How Much Should I Charge For Graphic Design Jobs?

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The field of graphic design is very important to the corporate world today. Graphic designers spend hours upon hours designing websites, logos, business cards, etc., fulfilling their clients’ requests. All the hard work should be rewarded adequately, therefore paying them an amount that is based on the quality of their work.

Some of the factors that you should look over is the fact being secure with yourself and what you create as a designer. If you lack the confidence in doing what you supposedly know, then that overall impacts on what you should charge. To charge a decent price for your work requires an extensive amount of knowledge in what your doing. The quality of your work should indicate how you should charge someone. Producing good, solid work means that it’s value should cost a more than the minimum price of a designers pay. Take into consideration how much time it will take for you to complete a project. Be sure to base you fee off of that as well. Also consider your clients budget. You won’t get any business if you are overcharging your clients.

If you decide to charge an hourly rate, which means you get paid for every hour you work, discuss an agreement with your clients to let them know what they are paying for. This helps clarify things and help them understand that you are not overcharging them.

If you decide to charge your client a flat rate, create some boundaries. You might be taken advantage of in the sense that you will be working way harder than what they are paying you. Let your client know you work under certain conditions. Some graphic designers ask for money up front. They require 50% of their payment as a start and the other 50% when they complete the project. This secures the fact that you will receive funding for doing the project.

Be sure to not stay static with your prices. You will reach a plateau which is the last thing you want. Increase your prices for certain projects. Do this for when you are overwhelmed with the amount of work you are receiving. Demand a higher price from clients.

When hiring a graphic designer, it is crucial to pay them accurately for the work that they’ve done. If you are a graphic designer yourself, be sure to charge your clients based on the quality of the work you produce and be sure to not undermine yourself!


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