The Differences Between Designs

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

There are many differences when designing for a certain area in multimedia. Print, web, animation, video, and audio are each different areas that have specific purposes when it comes to designing.

Print design is when digital designs get printed onto materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, metals, etc. It is usually used for marketing and brand awareness purposes. The types of print design include business cards, banner designs, book covers, brochures,  labels and packaging, posters, or even t-shirts. CMYK is used in printing so that the colors accurately represent the colors shown digitally.

Web design is the process of creating a website and working with its aesthics. This includes it’s content, the way it looks, and the way it works. It creates the layouts, structure, text styles, images, and user interface. If you owned a business, you would want to hire a web designer to create your website and make it look professional to attract audiences. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or DreamWeaver are softwares utilized in web design.

Animation takes part in bringing a still or two-dimensional image to life. Animation involves designing, drawing, making layouts of images to make them seem as if they were moving, through sequences. Animations are used for cartoons or creating visuals for websites. For example, if you see a moving icon while you’re waiting to visit another web page, this was created through animation. Different types include 3D animation, stop motion animation, motion graphics, and computer animation.

Video design is the combination of film, motion graphics, and live events. Compared to animations, video design involves actual movement from images since they were recorded live. Video designers have to manage cameras and lighting so that the quality of their video is good. They also have to be in charge of proper direction and know how to use softwares to edit their content. Some of the software used are Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects.

Audio design deals with a range of things. It includes creating sound effects to creating filmic ambience. An audio designer (or sound designer) creates, records, mixes, or edits sound. They require good audio equipment and computer hardware/software to work with. Say you are watching a movie and you hear loud, harsh clanging noises from cars. The noise you heard could have been created and altered by an audio designer. They could have recorded themselves banging onto metal pots or bins. Or say a character is walking through a forest and stepping on leaves. The noise made when walking on those leaves could have been made by someone crunching a bucket of leaves with their hands.


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