What Are The Different File Types?

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File types are a specific kind of file that are encoded in your computer storage. There are numerous amounts of formats to save your file as. Learning about the different kinds of file types can be really helpful if you want to know which one to save your file as.

EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript file. These files are vector based and can contain text and graphics. It is commonly used in Adobe Illustrator or in any other drawing application.

PDFs are portable document format files that are meant for viewing and can preserve document formatting. In other words, you can view, print, or electronically transmit these types of files through any device without changing the actual look of the file.

TIFF files are used for storing high quality raster type (bitmap) graphics. TIFF stands for Tagged Image File Format. It uses lossless compression to maintain the image quality once it’s in your computer storage. This file type makes it very convenient for people, like photographers, who work with images.

JPGs are image files that use a lossy compression method, reducing their storage size and in the process, reducing the quality of the image. So the more you edit and save a JPG, the more it will reduce the image quality. They are considered the “go to” file because they are ideal for storing and sharing photos online.

A PNG is a Portable Network Graphics file that uses lossless compression. They are used when you need a small file but want to preserve its originial image quality. They can be used to save logos, graphics, infographics, or charts.

An ASCII file is a text file that allows a document to be easily accessible without any restrictions, allowing it to be read and recognized. These files are the most common format in computers. It contains alphabetic or numeric characters that are represented by a 7-bit character set with 128 characters.

An MPEG is a video format that is compressed by using MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 compression. They are used for creating movies or any digital video that are distributed online. They usually download and stream quicker than other video formats. You can open them with a variety of programs such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, and Quicktime.

A MIDI is a protocol (or set of instructions) used to interconnect electronic devices that generate and control sound. Some devices that use a MIDI file are synthesizers, computer sound cards, and phones. A MIDI transmits information about how music is produced. For example, it may transmit messages about key velocity or pitch blender to another device.

An Audio Video Interleave file, or AVI, stores both video and audio data into one file. It is a common multimedia container format developed by Microsoft.

A WAV file is an uncompressed audio format, similar to MP3s. They are mostly used for audio editing software or video games. They can be opened with many media player applications such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, VLC, and Quicktime.


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