What is a Multimedia Presentation?

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A multimedia presentation is the combinations of different media in your presentation. It can include animations, videos, or audio. It’s purpose is to make the content you are presenting be more interesting and understandable. It adds variety and overall enhances what you are presenting, thus making it engaging.

This type of presentation should have images to catch your audiences’ attention. They could be of anything, for example stock photos or icons. Slides with just text and backgrounds will bore whoever is reading them.

Animations bring the liveliness to PowerPoint. They draw your attention, especially when used in these presentations and when used to demonstrate a certain area of information. It’s as if these 2-D-3-D can improve a PowerPoint presentation just by adding one or two.

A way to reinforce the information you are explaining in your presentation is to add videos. This is another way to bring your PowerPoint to life. Adding videos from YouTube, for example, will help walk through the material you are going over. It doesn’t only have to be YouTube, but Ted talks as well or even your own personal one.

Another way to help grab the attention of your audience is by inserting an audio clip or file in your presentation. Whether there’s background music playing while you present or sound effects in certain portions of the presentation, audio will help narrate your slides as well.

The whole layout of your multimedia presentations should be positioned and sized adequately and the type of text that you use shouldn’t be ignored. For example if you just used Times New Roman it would look like a very basic and dull presentation, as if you had put in no effort in creating it.

All these aspects should be practiced with the understanding that using less is more. It’s better to stay with a simple and clean design than a cluttered and unorganized one. Sticking with a minimalist design for your presentation would make it look more put together and professional. That is why multimedia presentations look more sophisticated than regular presentations. These type of presentations bring out the creative side you have that challenges you to create the best looking slides. The more impressive your presentation is, the more opportunities you’ll earn. Keep in mind that companies take into consideration the quality of your work.



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