Internal, External and Cloud Storage Devices

We use different storage devices for different reasons. Whether it is to permanently or temporarily store data, or transport data from one computer to another. There are three types of storage devices: Internal, external and cloud.

An internal storage device is located inside a computer, and could be different pieces of hardware, but it is mainly a computer’s internal hard drive. It is connected to the motherboard. Files and applications are stored in internal storage devices. They can be easily and rapidly accessed compared to external hard drives. Files and applications in internal storage devices can be stored in external hard drives such as USBs or CDs. You’d want to use this storage device if you want to save data onto your computer and access it faster.

However, computers eventually end up dying and in the process, potentially deleting all of your data kept on your internal storage device. External storage devices can help solve this problem. External storage devices are devices that are separate from the computer. Unlike internal storage devices, external ones are not part of the computer but can be connected to them. They are referred to as “secondary storage” because they aren’t part of a computer’s main storage.  They are portable and are usually used to back up the files from internal storage. Examples of external storage are portable hard drives, flash drives, or memory cards. They can be accessible over wireless or wired networks. You would want to use an external storage device if you are running out of space on your computer. This way you can have all the data that you’ve saved permanently.

A cloud storage device is a newer model where storage is virtually saved through a database that records all your data. This is an alternative to having an internal or external hard drive. Instead of having a physical hard drive to store your data, cloud storage provides tools to manage your files and organize them. These files are protected by encyption and require login credentials and a password to access them. Examples of a cloud storage device are Google Drive or Apple iCloud. You need internet connection to access your data. Cloud storage devices are usually used for it’s easy acess and security. Most people like cloud storage devices because of not having to worry about their computer dying or loosing their physical external storage device. Instead they can get their data from online.

Choosing which storage device to use all depends on you and what your preference is. Some people prefer having a physical hard drive to save their all their data on and others prefer backing up their data online. Others may even use all three just in case. Despite their differences and they way that they are used, these storage devices were all created to make your life more convenient to generally do the same thing, save data.



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