All About Computer Parts

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There are several basic parts to a computer. The main components that allow a computer to function are CPU’s, motherboards, RAM, hard drives, and monitors. Learning about the different components is essential for handling a computer and making it run properly.

The abbreviation “CPU” stands for Central Processing Unit. A CPU is basically a piece of hardware that allows programs to run by taking in the instructions sent to it, processing the calculations, interpreting the information and executing the overall command. It also determines the speed of your computer. This is why it’s considered the “brain” of a computer.

A motherboard is the spine or the “back bone” of your PC. It is a printed circuit board that connects CPU’s, RAM’s, hard drives, and other hardware on the computer.  This way they all function and communicate with each other by sending signals to each other. A motherboard also contains slots that can be used to connect other components.

RAM stands for Random-access memory. It is the short term memory or “working memory” storage hardware that works fast and temporarily stores data while you’re using your computer. This allows you to open up programs without them lagging. Without a RAM, your computer will load data from your hard drive which is much slower. However, all the memory stored into the RAM is gone if you turn off your computer. This is why it’s considered a volatile hardware.

The hard drive is hardware that permanently keeps all of your data, even when you turn off your computer. Every computer has a hard drive and they can be internal or external. You can store and retrieve anything saved in your hard drive, whether it’s photos, videos,  documents or programs. Hard drives are considered to be non-volatile hardware. It’s capacity is usually measured in MB (megabytes) or TB (terabytes).

The monitor on your computer is the screen that displays videos or images produced by the video card. The video card is an expansion card that sends graphics from the computer to display on the monitor. Monitors usually have a better resolution than a T.V. You can adjust it’s settings and turn your computer on and off. Nowadays, monitors have LCD or LED displays.

The keyboard and mouse are also essential when using a computer. It carries out information to the computer when you press a button on your keyboard. There are two types of mice, an optical mouse and ball computer mouse. A mouse allows you to click things on the screen and activate something with the cursor.

Learning about computers and their parts can be tedious at times but it is important to know them for they will serve as a base for the future if you are considering a job in graphic design. Even in everyday life, this information will be useful since computers are generally used. This way, you will already know all the basics and how to properly use a computer without damaging it.


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